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Mud Closet

Turn an existing closet into a small closet mudroom. We recently finished this mudcloset off with a bench, cubbies, shelves and hooks. Tremendous use of space for coats, books and more.

Easy Steps:

1. Remove the door and hinges, fill holes and paint.

2. Add shelves, cubbies bench, cushion, hooks. Tip: Use a premade bench with cubbies and retrofit.

3. Paint

Some material ideas . . . may need to retrofit. Click for more information.


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Organization and Storage Ideas

Garage Organization Ideas

Products and ideas to help turn your garage into so much more. From wall organizers to storage racks to design ideas, garage organization is a simple step to an improved space.

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Turntable Spice Rack

This little Stainless Steel Lazy Susan can help organize your kitchen. As seen here we used it in a cabinet as a lazy susan spice rack. It's all about space saving and organization.
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Amazon top sellers in home storage and organization. Top 100 most popular items right from Amazon. You're almost sure to find a product to meet your need.
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