Solid Wheelbarrow Tires

Never Flat Wheelbarrow Tires

Need to take a couple loads of top soil back only to find that ever so inconvenient flat wheelbarrow tire. Turns into a nice little project. Air pump ? Not so easy especially if the tube is off. Replace the whole thing ? That takes a nice chunk of time if you even have a spare. The solution is a solid wheelbarrow tire.

Reduce down time with solid wheelbarrow tires.  Made from urethane, these tires are lightweight, easy to install and never go flat.  Special sizes are available but often times just need the universal size solid wheelbarrow tire.  These tires look, act and perform like normal wheelbarrow tires, but don’t go flat on you.

Solid Wheelbarrow Tire

• Wheelbarrow tire eliminates flat tires
• Flat-proof, lightweight, and long lasting
• Solid polyurethane wheel
• 6-inch hub provides a universal fit
• 8-inch tire

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Neverflat Wheelbarrow Tire

• 4.80/4.00-8″ Tire, 15.5″ Tire Diameter
• Flat Free Tire of solid polyurethane foam
• Non-marking, Ribbed Tread
•  Good for Contractors Wheelbarrows
• 500 lb load capacity 

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