Check out this tent style fish pond we used this fall. Keeps out leaves and debris and blends with surroundings.
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Touchless Liquid Soap Dispenser

Touchless Liquid Soap Dispenser designed to provide clean, convenient, touch free dispensing of dish soap or hand soap.  With advanced features and a sleek design, it can also be the perfect replacement for broken built in sink soap dispensers.  It can be as easy as unscrewing your broken sink soap dispenser and setting this touchless dispenser right over the hole.  Solid base stays securely in place without the need for additional installation.  Infrared motion sensor technology provides a hands-free experience.  Compatible with various liquid soaps, including dish soap and hand soap.   Versatile applications in bathrooms, kitchens and more.  Sleek clutter-free countertop and an organized space.  Say goodbye to manual, plastic soap dispensers and save.  Embrace the future of cleanliness and automation and enjoy a touch-free handwashing experience. 

Lilacs in Bloom

What a great species. A sweet, familiar fragrance. Easy to grow. Low maintenance. Can be used as borders or focal points. Typically bloom in May in the North.  These are from my New England Landscape and require minimal attention.

Back Yard Lawn Games

For everyday fun and those big backyard barbecues, make sure you have the latest and the classic backyard games. Spikeball, Bocce, Ladder Toss, Kanjam and so many more.

Check out this featured list of backyard lawn games.

DIY Home Repair of the Month
Do you have a damaged mesh window screen or screen door ?  Holes, rips, tears and peeling in screen windows and doors can be unsightly and a problem by letting in insects, debris and even small animals.  Fortunately, replacing


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