Touchless Soap Dispenser: Easy Fix to Replace my Sink’s Broken Built-in Soap Dispenser

A well-functioning, built in hand soap or dish soap dispenser in your kitchen or bath is a convenience that goes unnoticed.  Until it breaks and won’t pump soap anymore.  It’s easy to supplement with a plastic soap dispenser but that can add clutter, waste and expense.  There are various ways to fix or replace your built in soap pump.  One of the simplest is to replace it with a stand alone touchless soap dispenser which also enhances the process.  Here are the top repair and replacement options for your broken soap dispenser.


Sometimes a simple fix is all it takes to repair your existing soap dispenser.  Typical fixes to try can be :

Soap type –
Some pumps are optimized for the most common dish soap or hand soap.  It’s possible thicker liquids may not flow or take extra pumps to make their way up the tube. Gravity pulls them back down over time, so try to give it a few extra pumps to see if this is happening.  Or you may need to replace with a less viscous or watered down soap.

Clogs and Dried Soap –
If the soap dispenser is even partially clogged it may not be able to pump properly. Remove the soap reservoir, pump and tube and use warm water and a small brush or toothbrush to clean out any soap residue or debris that may be obstructing the pump.  Rinse the reservoir thoroughly and reinstall it.  You can also try soaking the pump and straw in a pan of hot water for 15 minutes while keeping them submerged. Pump the head under water until the mechanism moves freely.  Once it moves, pump some of that hot water through the fill straw to clear out the inside as well. Remove from the water, pump a few more times to remove excess water and reinstall.

Check for Airlocks –
Sometimes, air bubbles can form in the soap dispenser, preventing proper pumping. To release any airlocks, try pressing the pump multiple times in quick succession or gently tapping the dispenser.

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Inspect the Pump Mechanism –
Examine the pump mechanism to ensure that it is not damaged or worn out. Check for any loose or broken parts. If you notice any issues, you may need to replace the pump mechanism.

Verify Proper Installation –
If the dispenser has been recently installed or removed for cleaning, double-check that it has been reinstalled correctly. Make sure all connections are secure and that the dispenser is properly aligned with the soap reservoir.

Replace New

Many replacement pumps are a universal size if you want to just replace with a new built in soap dispenser for your kitchen sink.  They are available at Home Depot, Amazon and other stores.  They come in a variety of finishes to match your fixtures including chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, white, black and more.  Replacement is easy.  One of our favorites is this replacement built in soap dispenser that loads from the top.  No more crawling under the sink.

If you don’t want a soap dispenser at you could remove and simply fill with this sink hole cover.

Replace with a Touchless Soap Dispenser

Our favorite option is often times replacing with a touchless soap dispenser.  This is an innovative solution that not only addresses the problem but also enhances the hand or dish washing experience.  The touchless liquid soap dispenser offers clean, convenient and touch-free dispensing of dish soap or hand soap with easy installation. Key features include :

Convenient, Touch-Free Dispensing-
Advanced features and sleek design deliver a hygienic and hassle-free experience.  Putting your hand, sponge or dish below the dispenser sets off the infrared motion sensor technology to provide touch-free and precise soap dispensing. This feature eliminates the need for physical contact helping to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. This helps with dirty hands.

Easy Replacement and Installation-
The installation process is as easy as unscrewing the broken dispenser and setting the touchless dispenser directly over the hole. Its solid base can stay firmly in place without the need for additional installation steps, saving you time and effort. This seamless transition allows you to enjoy the benefits of a touchless dispenser without any inconvenience.

Compatibility with Various Liquid Soaps-
Versatility is key too as it is compatible with various liquid soaps, including dish soap and hand soap. This allows you to customize your hand or dish washing experience based on your preferences and needs. Whether you’re washing dishes in the kitchen or cleaning your hands in the bathroom, this dispenser offers versatility and convenience throughout your home.

Organized Space and Less Plastic-
The sleek design of these dispensers can add a touch of modern to your space and help create a clutter-free countertop and an organized environment. The touch free soap dispenser is refillable helping to eliminate the need for manual, plastic soap dispensers.  In addition to creating a cleaner space, it can save money and help reduce plastic waste.

A broken built-in soap dispenser can be frustrating and sit around useless but there are several options for repair and replacement. Fixing simple clogs or other issues can often resolve the issue. Replacing the the dispenser with a new built-in soap dispenser or touchless soap dispenser are simple DIY fixes as well. A touchless dispenser gives the added bonus of touch-free soap dispensing and a sleek design.

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