Storing Your Skis at Home: Ski Rack Storage Options

There are several types of ski racks available for ski storage. Here are some popular home ski rack options

Wall-mounted ski racks: Wall-mounted ski racks attach to the wall and hold the skis horizontally. These racks can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. Some wall-mounted ski racks also have hooks or shelves for storing ski poles and other equipment.

Freestanding ski racks: Freestanding ski racks are standalone units that hold the skis vertically. These racks can be made from metal or plastic and usually have multiple slots for storing multiple pairs of skis.  These often require no wall mounting or hardware

Overhead storage racks: Overhead storage racks are mounted to the ceiling and hold the skis horizontally. These racks are ideal for small spaces and can be adjusted to accommodate different ski sizes.

The type of ski rack you choose will depend on your storage needs, the amount of space you have available, and your budget.


Ski Storage Tips:

Clean and dry your skis before storing.  This will prevent any moisture from getting trapped, which can cause rust or corrosion.

Store your skis in a cool, dry place to prevent them from warping or cracking. Avoid storing them in areas that are too hot or humid, such as a garage or attic.

Use ski racks or a wall mounts to keep your skis off the ground and out of harm’s way. This will also help to save space in your home.

Protect the edges.  Use ski guards or edge protectors to prevent the edges from getting damaged while in storage.

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Ski Gravity Grabber

This is the ski rack gravity grabber ski and snowboard wall storage rack.  It helps save your rocker, tips and tails.  Great wall storage with safe anti slip contact points you can hang your skis or board in numerous spots.  Hangs nearly any type of ski or snowboard from powder skis to groomer skis to cross country skis, to backcountry skis.

Free Standing Ski Rack

Easy, movable ski storage.  No installation, mounting or holes in your wall required.  Wide size can fit 4 pairs of skis, standard size can fit up to 5 pairs of skis.  Made from heavy duty rigid plastic to support your skis.  Great for family ski storage, skit team storage, ski rental storage and more.

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