Closet Turned . . . Mud Room

Turn an existing hall closet into a small closet mudroom. We recently finished this mudcloset off with a bench, cubbies, shelves and hooks. Tremendous use of space for coats, books and more.

Simple steps can include :

1. Remove everything from the closet to start with a clean slate

2. Remove the door, hinges and existing hooks and hardware.

3. Fill holes and paint

4. Add shelves, cubbies, benches, cushions and hooks.  Use space saving solutions like pull out baskets or racks.

Tip: Use a pre-made bench with cubbies and retrofit. 

Here are some links and ideas :

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Bench with Cubbies
Hanging Shelf with Hooks

By following these simple steps, you can successfully renovate an existing smaller hall closet and create a more functional and organized mudroom type closet.  Be creative and have fun, you can do it.

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