How to Repair a Mesh Window Screen

Do you have a damaged mesh window screen or screen door ?  Holes, rips, tears and peeling in screen windows and doors can be unsightly and a problem by letting in insects, debris and even small animals.  Fortunately, replacing a window screen is a relatively easy process that can be done with just a few simple tools an a piece of replacement screen.  Window screen repair kits are also available making it an even easier DIY window or door screen repair.  Here are the basic steps for most common mesh window screen repairs held in place by a spline. 

Step 1: Remove the damaged screen from the frame

Lay the frame down and remove the old screen from the window or door.  For screens held in place by a plastic cord called a spline, use a small flat head screwdriver or some sort of pick to remove the spline from the channel surrounding the old screen.  Measure or save the old splice to ensure new spline matches up.

Step 2: Measure out new screen

Put the metal frame on a flat surface and lay the new mesh screen out to cover the entire frame. Cut a piece that is about an extra 2 inches or so all around the frame border.

Step 3: Layout new screen

Put the new screen over the frame making sure the new mesh screen material overlaps on all four sides.

Tip:  If you bought screen material on a roll, it may be curved when unrolled.  Laying it curved side down will make it easier to work with.

Pull the new screen tight and tape or clamp it to the border of the frame.

Step 4: Install the new screen

With the new screen still overlapping the frame, start at one side and insert the new spine into groove.  Push down and use a spline roller screen rolling tool to work the spline into the channel groove around the frame.  Work your way around the perimeter of the frame with screen rolling tool pushing the spline into the screen and into the channel of the frame. Keep the spline material reasonably taut as you go.  Trim the spline when to complete the perimeter.

Step 5. Trim excess screen

Once the spline is installed completely around then channel, trim the excess screen overlap material,  Carefully use a utility knife to cut the screen on the outside of the spline.  Try to angle blade away from the new spline so to avoid cutting the spline or interior screen.

Note:  Replacement Mesh Window Screens come in various types to suit your needs.  Fiberglass is quite common but other options are available including:

Fiberglass mesh ~ Aluminum Screen ~ Super Screen ~ Pet Screen ~ High-Visibility Screening ~ Solar Screen ~ Allergy Guard ~ Brite Bronze ~ No-See-Um Screen ~ Stainless Steel Screen Mesh

With the simple steps above and only a few tools, you can easily replace a damaged window screen or door screen.  This is typically and easy DIY project which will improve the look of your home and keep out unwanted pests and debris. 

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