Wood Kindling Splitters for Easy Kindling

If you make campfires, hang by your firepit or just like to relax by your fireplace, you understand the need for good kindling.  Especially when conditions call for it.  Log kindling splitters are designed specifically to split logs into kindling, or smaller, thin pieces of wood which are ideal for starting fires. These splitters come in various shapes and sizes, can look great mounted on an exterior wall and are really useful.  Log kindling splitters also can be a great gift idea for that hard to shop for outdoors type.  Here are some options and additional info.

Mountable Wood Splitter for Easy Kindling

One of our favorites is this Stikkan mountable wood kindling splitter.  It is a convenient hand tool for splintering small logs into kindling. Mounts to a wall, fence, tree or post near your woodpile or entrance. We especially like it’s appearance and it makes great gift idea for your fire making friend or family member.

Made from cast iron, this wood kindling splitter hand tool can make kindling fast and easy for your firepit, fireplace or wood stove. Ideal for smaller, softer wood and requires no axe, hatchet or mallet. A fun, trendy kindling splitter tool for making your own kindling.

• Original Stikkan wall-mounted kindling splitter
• Wall-mounted design can be mounted conveniently near wood pile and door
• Self-contained kindling maker requires no axe or mallet
• Easy to use – Insert small log and lower the steel cutting wedge to split into kindling
• Durably crafted of cast iron with a black finish

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Manual Wood Kindling Splitter
Other options are manual Wood Kindling Splitter.  Some are designed to split even larger firewood fast and easy. These kindling tools are accessed from the top and can be mounted to flat surface. Wood is split into kindling using a hammer and splitting wedge set below an opening.

They are fast and easy way to make kindling and mostly made from quality Cast Iron.  Most include bolt holes for mounting.

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