Inground vs Portable Basketball Hoop Comparison

Years ago we had the Goalrilla CV54 54″ Inground Hoop installed. At the time we were thrilled.  I mean solid, wow and worth every penny.  Fast forward 7-8 years, about a million shots and it is still as solid and just perfect as new.  We are a big basketball family and we still used it almost every day.  What an incredible investment.

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We had it installed.  It was part being busy and part wanting it done right.  We have since known many friends who have installed their own with equal success.  We went back and forth deciding what to get way back when.  Not sure if we wanted to spend the extra money on the goalrilla inground hoop or maybe get a really good portable hoop for a lot less.  Wow did we make the right choice.  I’ve seen countless potables with bent rims, wobbly backboards, being stabilized by mulch bags or just tipped over. Comparing your average portable hoop to the Goalrilla inground hoop was well, no comparison in my mind.

Research over the years I’ve seen comparing portable basketball hoops to inground basketball hoops continue to highlight the same important differences:

Portable basketball hoops can be unstable while inground basketball hoops install directly into the ground and provide a more stable and true playing experience.  This is especially true with bounces off the backboard and rim and inground hoops can typically handle dunks and more aggressive play.

Inground hoops are typically made of high quality materials such as tempered glass, steel, and aluminum which are resistant to rust and corrosion. This means they can last for years with minimal maintenance.  I have done very little to mine in almost a decade.

Most in ground style basketball hoops are closer in quality to high school, college and professional settings because of their high quality and durability. Installing an inground basketball hoop in your yard can give you that same experience and feel  which is important for serious basketball players who want to practice their skills and improve their game.

Inground basketball hoops can also enhance the look of your outdoor space and home.  A well designed quality basketball court can even increase the value of your home and be the hit of the neighborhood.

Inground basketball hoops like the Goalrilla 54 inground basketball hoops a great investment for families who love to play basketball and want to enhance their outdoor space. They provide stability, durability, height adjustability, professional quality, aesthetics, and health benefits.

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