Tent Style Fish Pond Cover

We installed this tent style fish pond cover this fall.  It was easy to assemble and just in time to keep out leaves and debris.  This popup, dome style fish pond cover is made from strong black nylon mesh.  After the leaves were done falling, and we finally finished cleaning them up, we took it down for the winter.  It was also simple to collapse and store nice and compact until next year. 

When in use it is still easy to see the fish and it blends in nicely with the surroundings.  A large zipper on one side allows for easy access for feeding and maintenance.  It also can act as an additional layer of protection from heron and other predators.  This can also be used for gardens and vegetables and comes in a variety of sizes.

Cleaning out leaves and muck in spring was always a hassle.  This tent style fish pond cover is just what I was looking for. Check out the sizes and options and here at Vevor Fish Pond Covers.



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